Letter of Final Instruction
A small but significant document, a letter of final instruction, is easily overlooked by the many Baby Boomers who are currently planning for their future. While there are other more important documents to oversee during your planning, including your Will, living Will, health-care proxy, durable power of attorney, the letter of final instruction can cover small details that you were not able to mention in any other document.

The letter of final instruction will help your family and attorney to administer your estate upon your death and even provide instructions on more personal tasks to be carried out by your survivors. Although this letter is not legally binding, it may be worth your while because it can include personal details would not necessarily be included in any legal document. The letter of final instruction can include secret information such as bank account PIN numbers and computer passwords. The location of important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, insurance policies, and deeds would also be mentioned in this letter. Lastly, requests to inform certain individuals of the death and specifications for the funeral procession should be outlined in the letter of final instruction as well.

The purpose of this letter is to answer the “who, when, what, where” for your family regarding your wishes. Although this letter is not required, it can help your loved ones avoid a great deal of hassle. Any information excluded from other major legal documents should be written in this letter of final instruction. You should leave a copy of this letter with your attorney or in a location that is easily accessible to your family members.

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