Where Do I Keep My Estate Planning Documents?

Tell your fiduciary where you keep your documents. If you were to become incapacitated or die, would your agents, trustees or personal representatives know where to find the key to your safe deposit box? The title to your car? Or, your account numbers and passwords? If not, it is time to start compiling your personal records. Below is a list of the top ten types of records you should print out or save in digital format. These items should be kept in a secure location separate from your computer, but in a place that can be accessed by your representative upon your death or incapacity.

1. Personal Information.
2. Cash/Investment Accounts and Safe Deposit Boxes.
3. Real Estate.
4. Brokerage accounts; Partnerships/Closely Held Business Interests.
5. Annuities, Life Insurance and Retirement Plan Assets.
6. Loans/Notes.
7. Estate Planning Documents.
8. Tax Records.
9. Digital Files.
10. List of Advisors.